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My name is Charity Ekezie, I am from Nigeria. I am a Journalist, a content creator and a brand influencer. I grew up in Cameroon and that’s where I spent most of my early childhood, then I moved back to Nigeria after elementary school, to continue my high school and university education.

I graduated from university in 2012, studied mass communication (journalism) and ever since, I’ve dabbled into a couple of things here and there including event planning, teaching English language for one year to secondary school students and other stuff. During this period, I also Volunteered in a campus radio station for over three years, where I worked as a Newscaster and radio presenter…all this while creating content for my YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook audience.

I joined TikTok in 2020 during the lockdown.
I am a multipotentialite. I am an actor and have dabbled into acting, I have also written and published an ebook in the past.

I started advocating for The entire continent of Africa when I realised people are disrespectful and racist towards our culture. I also found out there are so many unnecessary stereotypes about Africa all over the world and I decided to change that by making my videos a way to educate people(in a sacarstic way) about things they didn’t know about Africa.

Africa is not perfect, so is every other continent. So before you call an African poor and starving, check on your next door neighbor first
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